Saturday, March 8, 2014

SAUBLE! Can you help the OBRC with these birds?!?!

Can ya? Can ya? Huh?

As secretary, I may be able to informally say that we have been submitted a bit of documentation for some Sauble Beach Piping Plovers from 2013 and 2012.... The problem is - it's a bit patchy.

How do we figure out how many PIPL were present at Sauble? How many nests? How many young?

If you have the information - I'd love to receive it. Please send to or leave a comment. Heck - if you know of someone who could help, please send that info along. Who monitors the birds? Who bands them?

All I really need to know is numbers of birds (adults, juvs) and the dates they were present. Number of nests would be great as well. Sending along any contacts that would help us piece this information together would be extremely helpful (to me).

It may seem like I'm being lazy - but I've pieced together a good 140+ records on my own, so a little help would be mucho-appreciated. ;)

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  1. Kim Toews is the one who knows allll about the Sauble Piping Plovers.