Monday, March 31, 2014

Still really exciting

We're less than a month away from the most exciting days of the entire year for birding!!!

For now, I'll update stuff about the sun! I'll do more bird photos and weather over the next little while. Still sorting out my life after returning home.

STOLEN - from - awesome website. Check it out!

Added 03/31/2014 @ 09:55 UTC
Beautiful Eruption
Solar activity continues at moderate levels thanks to an M1.4 solar flare this morning observed around departing sunspot 2014 at 08:07 UTC. A beautiful eruption of plasma was captured during the event by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) as seen in the image below. Any associated coronal mass ejection (CME) would likely be directed away from Earth due to the location near the west limb. Click HERE to watch an awesome movie by SDO using the 304 angstroms channel.
Added 03/30/2014 @ 21:45 UTC
Geomagnetic Storm Watch Issued
A minor geomagnetic storm watch has been issued by the NOAA space weather prediction center (SWPC). A couple of coronal mass ejections stemming from eruptions around 2017 may deliver glancing blows to our geomagnetic field by late on April 1st. Sky watchers should remain alert during the next several days.
WATCH: Geomagnetic Storm Category G1 Predicted
Highest Storm Level Predicted by Day:
Mar 31: None (Below G1) Apr 01: None (Below G1) Apr 02: G1 (Minor)
Potential Impacts: Area of impact primarily poleward of 60 degrees Geomagnetic Latitude.
Induced Currents - Weak power grid fluctuations can occur.
Spacecraft - Minor impact on satellite operations possible.
Aurora - Aurora may be visible at high latitudes, i.e., northern tier of the U.S. such as northern Michigan and Maine.

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