Tuesday, April 1, 2014

PeregrinePrints.com ... blog - says - two more weeks of winter!

To heck with the G-hogs, let's use NOAA's outlooks for the 6-10 day and 8-14 day outlooks!

6-10 day above

8-14 day above

Dang! Below average... 60% chance of below average in our area on the 8-14 day. That's a pretty high probability (on this scale) for so far into the future! Guess what - it's going to be below seasonal!!!

The good news is that "below average" should at least be "above freezing" for daytime high temps... No more killer blasts of -20 (I think). Also - these cold spells aren't causing as much trouble further south as they were during the winter - so our migrants should be getting ready to invade our borders by late month.

Speaking of migrants late month - we're only 3 weeks away for the chances of neotropic migrants and insane vagrants! More likely 4 weeks, but it has happened earlier. All it takes is one good storm... 

6-10 day outlook for rain - pretty high in our area. April showers!

Shouldn't be that far away! (I hope)......


  1. This had better be April fool's Holden...or there's gonna be trouble!

    1. No dice... I thought about that when posting - it's for real! Some models are showing below average temps for our area for the entire summer - partially thanks to the cold lake waters... Yikes!