Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Back at Pelee!!! - April 28th

Underrated beauty - a Greater Yellowlegs in breeding plumage!


Pelee!!! Sure, I didn't get back until maybe 5pm - but that doesn't stop me from doing some damage!!!

Wheatley Harbour - slowwww - big waves though... And Common/Forster's Terns about.

Nearby fields - 1 juv Glaucous Gull

Nearby cottages - 2 Lesser Yellowlegs - only notable because they were in the front yard of a cottage, surrounded by trees:


Hillman Marsh Shorebird Cell - boom!

1 EURASIAN WIGEON (female to boot) that I picked out soon after arriving. A bird i've long searched for in Ontario (sorting through plain birds for plain rarities seems to be a hobby of mine). It was all reddish/orange washed on the head and lacked any black at the base of the bill. Perfection!

1 Marbled Godwit - beauty!!! Walked in front of the wigeon to reveal itself.

1 Lesser Black-backed Gull - 3rd alternate. 

3 Great Black-backs, 1 Caspian Tern, Forster's etc + the expected shorebirds and ducks. There are a ton of teal here - I'm hoping for a Garganey! Or a Cinnamon! 

The 3rd alt LBBG

Yellow dot shows my awful photo of the female EUWI - maybe shows the colour of the head? (It's pretty bad)... 

 I've got high hopes for tomorrow (today!!!) - I'll have a full day's report up in 24 hours... Feels like a cosmic-rare kinda day... 


  1. I got a terrible shot of a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher tonight. Lots of White throated Sparrows now. Norfolk area.

    1. I've got high hopes for tomorrow (once again) - Apr 30th - although rain may be a problem. Currently getting blasted by a huge T-Storm in Wheatley. Hoping for a fallout! Will settle for anything ;)