Monday, April 7, 2014

Condo birding up-date! March 29 to April 7

From Sunday (Apr 7)

March 29 - 1 Iceland Gull, some other cool stuff (I forget)...

March 30 - 1 young male King Eider

April 2 - 8 Wigeon are close to shore with a mixed flock of Scaup... Great to see the migrants around! (And I rarely see Wigeon at my place). 6 Tundra Swans at dusk.

April 4 - I had a really small looking cormorant fly past... It was alone though, and I didn't get the best look...

April 5 - 2 King Eiders (females), 2 Tundra Swans, Several Tree Swallows (and I hardly looked). More Black Scoters around...

April 6 - a birding day! I had hardly been watching any day over the past month. The nice weather (on a Sunday!) convinced me to keep track of what was flying past...

A superb morning (light SW winds) meant there was a solid flight of passerines. Geese were on the move all morning, but nothing notable. Several hundred (to several thousand) robins and blackbirds were the norm, but I managed to spot these goodies:

Wood Duck -2
Great Blue Heron - 2
Bonaparte's Gull - 6
Belted Kingfisher - 1
Caspian Tern - 1
Northern Pintail - 8
Northern Flicker - 1
Eastern Bluebird - 4
Eastern Meadowlark - 8
Brown Creeper - 1
Eastern Phoebe - 1

Raptors also showed early with 1 Kestrel, 1 Harrier and 1 juvenile PEREGRINE Falcon!

In the afternoon, a decent hawk flight picked up. I didn't watch a lot, but from mid day until 6:30pm I had something like this:

~750 Vultures
~45 Red-tails
3 Rough-legs
4 Sharp-shins
1 Coopers
1 Harrier
4 Kestrels

Not great diversity, but not bad. Many gave great looks. A number of Caspian Terns went by later as well.

A common sight on Sunday

April 7 - back to not watching... 1 2nd winter Iceland Gull late on NE winds.

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  1. I would just like to point out that the weather network is TERRIBLE sometimes... If you want to know the weather over the next three to five days, they're great!

    Yet they put out this video - "long-ranger, weather in the second half of April" - which (as you can imagine) - had me excited!

    Then I watch it, and they only talk about weather UP TO April 15th? That's not the second half... That's still first half... And not even long-range... Yikes...