Friday, April 11, 2014

Next blast of S winds - even better (Sunday and Monday)

Boom goes - the SW winds?!

GFS run for this Monday at 8-ish AM - SUPER SW winds pushing into southern Ontario ahead of a front... This could bring real live vagrant birds into the province (from the south!!!)

All it takes is one good push of S or SW winds, and the vagrants arrive. The Chicago Elaenia was found on April 17th... A Fork-tailed Flycatcher arrived at Long Point under the same weather conditions... The Bahama Woodstar arrived in PA in late April last year (18th? 19th?) You get my point!

We're likely a LITTLE too early for anything realllly crazy, but who knows...

Some recent birds - 

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher on Lake ERIE -

Swainson's Hawk in Indiana -

Neotropic Cormorant in Indiana -

Snowy Plover in Illinois -

White Pelican on Lake ONTARIO - (NY) -

Swainson's Hawk and Black Vulture at Braddock Bay (April 10th) -

- we're getting REALLY close!!!!!!!!!!!


Lake Erie is still LOADED with ice - and it's almost mid April!  -- Imagine Ibis and Ice?

I'm not sure why google did this, but its kind of cool (it created a gif of my small-ish cormorant) - and sent it to me (without me asking) -

Unless someone else did it... I'm not really sure....

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