Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pelee!!! - April 26th

Before you get your hopes up (for good news and photos), I'm a bit short on material! I left Pelee around 11:30am...

Tip early - lots of the same migrants. Yellow-rumps, White-throats and Chipping Sparrows make up the bulk of the action...

I had the Hooded Warbler sing while riding the tram! Near it's spot (N of sparrow field).

There are still 1-2 American Tree Sparrows around the tip, which seem a bit odd! Although there's still snowdrifts along the west beach, so I guess it's ok... 3 Sandhill Cranes were on the east beach with a few turkeys.. Looked odd... A male Merlin was hanging around.

Warblers today:

Northern Waterthrush (my FOY)  - singing along the WNT

Only 1 Carolina Wren in the last 3 days!


There was some north winds before I left, so I saw a few raptors -

Sharp-shinned - 3
TV - 10+
Red-tail - 2
Bald Eagle - 2
Osprey - 1

Not much else though...


I didn't check hillman and had little in the fields... Wheatley Harbour was dull to say the least!


On the drive home, I had 200+ Broad-winged Hawks along HWY 3 !!! They were seriously getting pushed south in due to the strong N winds... They must be really late in their spring migration... So much north winds!!!

I've also temporarily lost my card-reader, so any warbler photos from today will have to wait (or be forever deleted). 

My Dad had the Yellow-throated Warbler again today on WNT, and there were Marbled Godwits!!! So the fun never ends at Pelee.


I'll be back in the park early next week! Based on the forecast maps I'm seeing - TUESDAY could be AMAZING!!! But I'll try to update later (maybe some maps tmrw?)

This is THEE GroundHOG from Pelee on the 25th... Has anyone ever seen one in the park before?! I meant to ask Alan today - but I forgot.. Alan? I know it was my first!


Lots of great rarities around the continent in the last few days. You'd think it was nearly MAY!!!

Willow Ptarm!! On LAKE ONTARIO!! In NEW YORK !!! -

GARGANEY! In Wisconsin! -

Rustic Bunting?! - Too far away, but so cool...

Tufted Flycatcher?! - In Texas! I'm not even worried about this one, but it's just too easy to copy and paste the aba blog link:

Check out Alvan's blog for some awesome Euro-shorebirds in NF! -


  1. Mike Tate saw a Groundhog inside PPNP last fall, so could be the same animal. Otherwise they have been absent from the park for maybe like 25+ years? Last year I also saw (2) in the Onion Fields, the first I have seen around here in maybe 20 years. So maybe a few have moved into the area.