Thursday, April 17, 2014

Here comes the boom?!!!!!!!!!!!

Back on April 15th, this is what the CPC 8-14 day temperature outlook showed.. (above)

Then on April 16th, the map suddenly changed to this!!! (for April 24-30th)...

The 6-10 day really got warm as well!!!!!!!!

6-10 day outlook for Apr 22-26th....

Is this it?! Is this the beginning of the warblers and rarities!?

A check of the GFS forecasts didn't really show any weather I would typically get excited about - although this storm looked pretty neat -

(Apr 26th)

Coming soon!?!

Watch this space!!!

Update -

Ok I take it back - a 983mb low nearing the Great Lakes on April 25th looks pretty dang exciting!!!!!!!

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