Friday, April 25, 2014

Pelee!!!! - April 24th

I worked in Sarnia, then did a crazy route to Pelee...

I stopped at Sombra SL - and there were people there, so I didn't go in...

I then missed the turn for Port Lambton SL - so I didn't go there...

I drove past Roberta Stewart Wetland and saw the same birds Blake Mann keeps seeing!

I tried to hit Lighthouse Cove on Lake St. Clair and missed the turn...

I passed some wetland that I forgot to note the name of! - But it had Pectoral Sandpipers and a Sora calling... Nice spot!

Tilbury SL had very little - 2 Lesser Scaup, 1 Redhead, 2 Gadwall, both teal, and a few others... Also 1 Cliff Swallow...

This sign was AMAZING to see while at Tilbury... How often do you see something like this? 


Wheatley Harbour - pretty boring... Although 2 Green Herons at Muddy Creek were very nice to see!

On the drive away, I found 200+ Lapland Longspurs in a nearby field. Couldn't turn any into Smith's though...


A quick check of the hillman bridge had lots of shorebird habitat!!! 200 Dunlin, both yellowlegs, Pec's, Wilson's Snipe and my FOY Spotted Sandpiper! It's lookin decent..

From the road I could see a number of Gulls and ~7 Black-bellied Plovers in the shorebird cell, but I didn't go in! In the evening, I had the chance to see huge numbers of teal in the cell.


Inside the park, I walked the VC to the tip. The highlights among the expected migrants -

Pine Warbler
Palm Warbler (very bright western)
~40 Yellow-rumps


A Hooded Warbler!!!

VERY bright Western Palm... Singing a lot... 

Overall a good start! Tomorrow (today) - friday - looks like it could get rather exciting.

Expect the first week of May to be COLD!

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  1. Port Lambton S. L. easy to miss! On Lambton Line there is a laneway at 911 number 371 on the south side almost across from the fire hall.
    Once you get your GPS fixed, that is where it is. lol!