Monday, April 28, 2014

Tuesday birding forecast - Very good in SW Ontario?!

I've got really high hopes for some awesome birding Tuesday morning in SW Ontario (Pelee?) - the winds aloft are very strong and from the southwest -

I'm loving these new maps from tropical tidbits!! It's showing 2am local for Pelee - STRONG SW winds pushing into the Pelee area, and rain should be heavy - but hopefully ending by morning (and I hope - with birds riding the back side of the rain)..

I'm not really 100% sure about this one, but it doesn't hurt to have high hopes!

8am for Tuesday  (GFS model run) - hopefully the rain is pushing past Pelee in time to drop some awesome birds. It's right on the edge!! The low is being blocked, and looks to be trying to get "cut off" - I typically like these lows (that wrap around themselves) - in the fall, but what the heck - let's see some good birds!!!

Maybe Tuesday? 


Make sure you keep tabs on those Newfoundland blogs along the side bar! They're just getting warmed up with euro-vagrants out there. Looks pretty darn exciting!


I'm on bad internet, so I can't really keep track of what's happening with the severe weather in the USA - but it looks pretty cool. I'm hoping to be back at Pelee by late this afternoon (this is pre-written Sunday) - so I'll have more birds and weather to report later!

Bird on!


  1. I have my Oriole feeder and 1/2 an orange ready and waiting for a Baltimore to visit. I'm ever hopeful for awesome birds.
    Happy birding!