Saturday, April 12, 2014

Birding forecast - RARITY ALERT for Sunday/Monday

Sunday and Monday should bring some mega rare bird(s) into the great lakes. "Long distance" south winds with limited precipitation boundaries...

April 13th-14th seems TOO early to me... It really does, but who knows... This is Bahama Woodstar in PA - or Elaenia species in Chicago - kind of winds...Sure - you could go birding and see nothing of note, but a mega could be lurking for the next several days...

8pm Sunday night (above) - should bring strong south winds from the gulf of mexico right to Lake Erie before hitting rain... 

Current wind map for Saturday at 5pm... Winds are hitting Lake Michigan right now... This should improve over the next 24 hours.. Keep an eye on the wind map - ... These "long-distance" straight-line winds seem to be VERY important for vagrancy, indicating they likely do huge flights to get flung so far away from their usual haunts (in my opinion). 

The only problem - it seems TOO early, doesn't it?! Does it matter? I'm not sure it does... I kind of wish I had the time off myself, but I think I'm just going to deal with work over this little spell and wait for the next blast of good weather before going nuts down to Pelee (or somewhere)...

It seems too early for this! Anyways... Worth thinking about...


  1. Sweet! Im heading down to Long Point tomorrow. Wish me luck!

  2. It's COLD at the condo (feels like 5-6 degrees) and a NE wind - yet they're still calling for 20-23 C this afternoon and blistering SW winds.

    Not exactly sure how that will "change things" - but I think the rarity weather still looks pretty exciting for Lake Erie - and maybe Lake Ontario (and even eastern Ontario) for Monday... Doesn't mean there won't be something today though!

    IF some sort of crazy rarity arrives, I would expect it to linger for a few days - so anything found over the next 4-5 days (I think) would be due to the weather we're getting today and tomorrow...

    Tuesday's forecast for Ontario is COLD!!! I'm seeing low's of minus SEVEN for Burlington and minus NINE for Guelph!

  3. Its still only 3 degrees here. Not the rarity weather I was expecting by now.

    1. It was 5-6 degrees here in Hamilton until about 2pm (with gentle NE winds)- then the wind whipped up and the temps soared to 20+ degrees in about 10 minutes!

      Wind map currently showing a huge swath of area with extensive south winds (most of the eastern USA)