Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This is gotta be some kind of a record!!!!!!!!

GAWD damn!!!!!

LOOK at that ICE baby!!!

"same week" ice cover - beating back 1994!

Although 1994 still takes the cake for "winter max" ice total... Clearly an incredible total for the great lakes ice cover... The recent (incredible) cold really made for a significant jump. 

I didn't see any maps for "volume" - but this one shows that a lot of it is pretty thick as well - 

All of the dark blue (below) is areas that currently have ice, that typically wouldn't. It's nuts!

I'm seriously starting to wonder WHEN we will start to see a thaw/melt?!?!

Compared to "normal" (average). 

Looking at multiple runs of the GFS recently - it shows VERY FEW days above ZERO.... VERY few indeed... How is this snow and ice going to melt into happy duck puddles? Will the waterfowl migrate? Or will the wait it out? 

(Seriously - I'm seeing hardly ANY warm days in the next 2+ weeks). The CPC agrees. Will be very interesting to monitor. 

Likely NOT coming to a pond near you in the near future... 

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  1. Migration is going to be a packed affair this year. In previous years you could stagger your watching, starting at the river then to fields and moving back in to forest as the season wore on. This year it`s going to be find a good place and stick to it because everything is gonna come at once.