Saturday, March 15, 2014

ebird-ing with Ken-tucky

I recently teamed up with Ken-tucky Burrell for a days birding around Lake Erie... Things were slow, but darn good for the dead-of-winter... (Aka March)...

To save some time, here's our best ebird lists -

There were some good birds snuck in there! A singing White-crowned Sparrow was my highlight (sounded amazing in the cold) - but birds like Red-headed Woodpecker also delighted.

Ken! - his blog -

Let's get him posting more!

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  1. You guys are so lucky with nary a flake of snow(photo of Ken).Here in Nfld.we are surrounded by sea ice,the heaviest in decades.Lots of snow on the ground as well.At least 2 feet of snow on our grounds and temps remain at the freezing mark or lower.So please no whimpering.Cheers.