Saturday, May 16, 2015

California Gull photos + weather look ahead

Photos of the California Gull at the tip of Pelee on 12 May 2015!!! It's the same freakin bird found by my Dad (my Dad!) at the Seacliffe Beach in Leamington several days earlier (and hadn't been seen since). It's in 2nd alternate garb, and lookin pretty awesome. I was darn excited to look up and see it landing on the point.




Tonight! Probably too rainy for vagrants, but migration will continue. I'm guessing it won't be a fallout of any kind, but a single patch of rain could make for an exciting day. 


Looks more like a vagrant setup (above) but could still be too rainy. Too much moisture and a low that isn't formed terribly well. We'll see! Could easily be a great day if the stars align. 

Long Term - 

Looks like the awful split jet may return after this weekend... But we're also late enough that some birds may move regardless of weather. Could be boring. High pressure in late May can also be good for vagrants. Who knows. Doesn't look terribly exciting. But late May... We'll see..

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