Thursday, May 7, 2015

RARITY ALERT - Friday, Saturday, Sunday, MONDAY

I like to think I did a decent (short notice) job on saying Wednesday at Pelee was going to be pretty good - so I decided to make another prediction! Sooner or later (sooner) - I'll be wrong.


Check this out:

5am tomorrow (Friday) morning. Warm winds aloft, TRYING (close, but not quite) - yet TRYING to get warm Texas air blowing steadily right up and over Pelee... 

And not much rain in the way (same time frame)... 

I PREDICT! - Reverse migration at Pelee tip tomorrow morning, with other goodies flying around. Solid chance for some rare birds thanks to the wind, but probably nothing in massive numbers? 



More of the same - souterly winds from the southern USA trying to reach Pelee... Not the best, but they're trying. Also note - that odd subtropical creature growing off South Carolina. That could make something cool happen!? Right?! 

I predict!!! - Same as Saturday, but stronger surface level winds might mess with the reverse migration (as would rain/cloud etc).



Wind, Rain! Not Quite! But Pretty Good! Yeah! Subtropical Anna! 

I predict!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - More of the same. Chance for rain to drop bigger numbers, chance of rain screwing stuff up (incl reverse migrations etc)... May be the worst of the four days, (or maybe the best, it's kinda hard to know)



MEGA SOUTH WINDS!!!!! Check out those 850mb mofos. This is a day to get a CMF... Rain could screw it all up, but it's looking pretty good... Not White-crested Elania good, but maybe something like:

Cassin's Sparrow?
Black-headed Grosbeak?
Bullock's Oriole?

Bah - who knows! It looks pretty good though.

Bird is the word!

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