Thursday, May 14, 2015

White-faced Ibis photo + new Rarity Alert

White-faced Ibis at the tip of Point Pelee - May 11, 2015


Friday is looking interesting for SW Ontario, and maybe Saturday as well. Probably not an exceptional vagrant setup, but there are already lots of rare birds around to be seen... Could be a good setup for a drop of migrants though! 

Then Sunday-Monday is looking like a bona-fide rarity blow once again... I feel that it is pretty unusual to get BOTH good rarity weather AND large numbers of migrants on the ground. These two forecast maps seem to show the differences pretty well. 

Rarity weather - may be the better of the two days

Decent rarity weather. Of course, forecasts change. Regardless this weekend should see some excellent birds!


  1. James Pawlicki .... are you paying attention?

  2. Yes. Brandon send me air mail mini-corm, I send air mail red ibis.