Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sample OBRC report - White-faced Ibis

A decent example where a short observation + photos = a short report. I still think I've covered the bases and included the relevant information! Don't shy away from sending in your reports/photos! obrc@ofo.ca !!


OBRC Report - White-faced Ibis
1 - adult
Point Pelee National Park (Tip)
May 11, 2015 at ~8:35am

Optics: Vortex 8x42 Razor Binoculars. Canon 1DX DSLR, 600mm F4 lens. !
Circumstances: Birding at the ,p of Point Pelee during a light (to very light) reverse migra,on when I suddenly spotted a dark ibis barreling in off the Lake and heading north directly over the point. I yelled out “IBIS!” and took a dive towards my camera. I secured a number of images as it passed reasonably close overhead and vanished from view. The photos leave no doubt as a White-faced Ibis. I was standing next to Tim Lucas who said he couldn’t really tell/hear what I had blurted out, but presumed it was Ibis when he saw the bird ;)

Descripton: See photos. Superficially like a DCCO with long legs and an excep,onally long decurved bill. White feathering on face with pink facial skin nails the ID

Similar Species: Glossy Ibis clearly eliminated on facial details

Experience with species: First time I’ve “found” one in Ontario. One previous bird observed in Hamilton October 2006(?) I believe? That had been found by Dave Donn at the Dundas Hydro Pond (basic adult).

Notes: It is my understanding that the same bird was observed that afternoon/evening at the Blenheim Sewage Lagoons by the Burrell family, but they should make the call on the same/ different bird issue.

Weather: Graphics added at the end of this report !

Brandon Holden

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