Saturday, January 7, 2012

End of week review:

A few fun things I saw this week:

Snow Geese! I had these 2 adults, and 1 blue morph while out and about..... 

And Turkey Vultures! I think there is 52 in this photo. Not a bad count for January, right?

--- Other than that, it was a pretty slow news week involving birds for me..... Ended up with 37 species for the new year.  So it's time to go to the old stand by for blog material:

= Here's some fun things I've found on the internet recently:

Hybrid Carolina Chickadee X Tufted Titmouse -- pretty cool stuff:

Awesome photo of a hybrid Pintail X Mallard:

Pink-footed Goose in CT (will someday grace Ontario):

Slaty-backed Gull in NF (by Bruce MacT):

They've had SBGU's every winter for 7 years in a row now.


This "week" in Ontario birding history:

Northern Fulmar  - Jan 5, 2000 - Aurora

Fieldfare - Jan 8, 1967  - Ottawa

--- It's unfortunate but true, we are stuck in a period historically good for Tufted Ducks, Ivory Gulls and Great Cormorants till the end of the month (that's it) ... at the earliest.

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