Tuesday, January 3, 2012

going MOBL

Female Mountain Bluebird!

Near Puslinch, ON (Maybe 15-20mins max from where I sorta live in Guelph)

The old tale of "Found by birder X, confirmed by birder Y, re-found by birder Z" - and then I decided to make the trek myself. Congrats to the finders and those involved with getting word out.

Got to see the beast pretty quickly, with some good company, and did the evil-awful-twitcher thing where I watched for 2 minutes then left (I was freezin my ___ of) ... Although even in that short time frame, I got to see the bird fly a few times and also had a nice flyover of a Raven. 

Snapped maybe 5 pictures with my point and shoot, and I was pretty happy. I uploaded the above image to my "rare bird gallery" flickr page:

Pre website-crash I had these iamges on an "unusual ontario birds" page, but it was too much work to re-create  -- and flickr was just so darn handy. Have a scroll through for some previous years fun!


  1. Interesting that you should say that seeing the bird and leaving quickly might be perceived as a bad thing... I've been thinking exactly the opposite of late; it's great that people want to see birds and add them to their lists, but afterwards, maybe they should move on and let them get on with their bird-business. Not sure, really.

  2. Funny you bring that up Stuart, as it's something that I've had on my mind recently too... I've felt pretty uncomfortable at some recent rarities because of the crowds present, and actually left earlier than I normally would. I guess there's no easy way to do this! ;)