Saturday, May 26, 2012

Go Devils

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final goes down this Wednesday (May 30th)


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    1. I can't believe you people... *shakes head* ... I'll be generous and say devils in 5 !

  2. Kings in 6 with Brodeur run out of at least one game!

    The Devils are not playing pansies(rangers) or bad goaltending(philli) this time!

  3. Wow, great photos Brandon! The Devils are such a difficult subject to photograph while winning, you must have set up a blind to get those, did you? It's especially tough to get them in their natural habitat (the neutral zone) acting as they typically do (playing mind-numbingly boring hockey).

  4. some fun facts:

    - The Leafs have never played a playoff game in high definition

    - the NJD's have won more playoff games this year, than the leafs have in the last 10 years

    - the NJD's have won 3 cups since I've been a fan... The leafs have won 1 cup since my parents were born.

    :) GO DEVILS!

  5. Yikes, am I ever glad I'm not a Leafs fan then!

    1. haha... yes! Who is your team? Not the Kings I hope?>

  6. Hey, this is your blog, not mine, I don't have to share! Although I will add that, no, the Kings are not my favourite team, but they are my favourite team left in the playoffs.