Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pelee May 14/15

Boy, sure doesn't seem like May 14/15.........

A bit of a late night post, but I felt like throwing something up...

Highlights from May 14:   Lesser Black-backed Gull, Little Gull (both tip). - Rough-legged Hawk (VC lot)... Clay-coloured Sparrow

May 15: Juniper Hairstreak, a different Rough-legged Hawk (VC lot), Lesser Black-backed Gull (wheatley), and some real photography of Swallows (Bank + a Purple Martin) that I was excited about

And that's all she wrote!


A fun photo of Peter Burke getting some shots of the Juniper... I've always been very fond of Hairstreaks (all species) - partially because they're superb subjects for photos! 


As of 10:30pm --- the migration on radar looks better than it has for DAYS and DAYS... And the forecast for tomorrow (16th) looks damn fun... I have very high hopes of some good passerine birding in the morning, followed by an afternoon of vagrant hawkwatching.......  We're overdue...... 

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