Monday, May 28, 2012

Some actually interesting weather

I'm taking a bit of a break from a busy work schedule... It's kinda fun that McDonalds all have wifi now!


Today's weather is probably some of the more interesting in the last 6 weeks. We finally have some longer-distance south winds to go along with the heat... It isn't great, but it sure is better than what we had in the peak May period...

There's a look at the SW winds coming from the southern end of the US midwest into SW Ontario... The further the winds "come from" - the better...... 

Temps of 33-35 C with humidity nearing 40 C sounds pretty interesting... Could be good for butterflies as well... But it also makes you wonder -- is anyone still looking??? I know I'm not... I'm burnt out for the spring season, and just waiting for the NHL playoffs to resume (go devils) 


After looking at the wind map I posted above, you're probably asking - what the heck is that in Florida? 

Well that is tropical storm Beryl, (yes, the second named storm of the year in the Atlantic).. Impressive, since the season doesn't officially start until June 1 (and often nothing happens until August). 

Beryl started life as a sub-tropical system, but eventually went full-out tropical before making landfall in Florida... Low wind shear allowed it to form up rather nice, but the water isn't too warm in that prat of the world, so she wasn't going to make it to hurricane strength. 

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