Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pelee Island Birds! - May 2

Some bird highlights from today:

Bird highlights (self-finding on the island with Dad and sometimes Ken Burrell):

LeConte's Sparrow
2 Grasshopper Sparrows
5 Blue-winged Warbs
2 Orange-crowned Warbs
1 Canada Warbler (early)

Other FOY for me: Indigo Bunting, 5 Tennessee Warbs, Chestnut-Sided, Magnolia...

Great hawk movement (for an island) today as well:

2 Peregrine Falcons, 1 Merlin, 2 Kestrels, 4 BW hawks, 3-4 Osprey, 3-4 Eagles, etc etc  on the strong SW winds - along with many Swallows/Swifts etc


For filler, I did the Pelee Island report for Ken today, who was having email trouble:

Pelee Island Highlights today:

Least Bittern: Fish Point

Peregrine Falcon: 1 at Fish Point early, 1 at Lighthouse Point in the afternoon

Cerulean Warbler: Fish Point

Grasshopper Sparrow: (2) NE corner of Island

LeConte's Sparrow: NE corner of Island

22 species of Warblers were recorded on the island today. FOY included
Tennessee, Bay-breasted, Magnolia, Orange-crowned and an early Canada.
Blue-winged Warblers were in evidence with at least 12 individuals.

Strong SW winds and high tempreatures hit around noon today, which
continued the spectacular insect migration seen so far in 2012.
Butterfly species of note included Fiery Skipper, Variegated
Fritillary(5+), Common Buckeye (8+), Monarch (15+) and an unusual
"Pale Form" Question Mark. On April 30th an estimated 5000-7000 Red
Admirals per hour were migrating north along the west shore of the
island (no counts attempted today).

Today was the first day of notable Dragonfly sightings with numerous
Swamp Darners, Variegated Meadowhawk, Painted Skimmer, Black
Saddlebags and a Twelve-spotted Skimmer.

Good Birding!

Brandon Holden

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