Thursday, August 30, 2012

Isaac + Blog Milestones

You know what rare birds Isaac is going to bring to Ontario?


The storm never formed properly, and is barely moving... We typically need a MAJOR hurricane to bring birds WITH it... And then it usually helps to have them moving quickly.. Isaac is like an old poodle...

What will Isaac do?

Isaac will be a lovely little low pressure system that passes near southern Ontario - which is always fun for birding and rarities. I hope you enjoy it :)

Isaac will also try and BUST the drought in many places below us, that are probably responsible for providing some recent rarities like Frigs and Pelicans... Ah-well..


The blog passed a few milestones in August, and I just wanted to say thanks for reading along... I was originally happy with the traffic it generated for my website, but I soon decided that it was just plain fun...

Since I started this new blog format in late September, 2010 (after my website was hacked and taken down)... The milestones:

Broke 100,000 page views!

Broke 500 comments (now over 560) -- sure, a bunch are my own, but 500 is a nice number!

and finally, 500 posts! (This post is post #500) !


Just for fun, here's a random stat: The top 10 countries that visit the blog (all time):


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