Friday, August 17, 2012

yard related things!

With word of Sachem's running rampant throughout southern Ontario (very rare butterfly), I've been keeping an eye on my parents flowers in Burlington... No Sachem's yet, but I was still pretty happy to find a Firey Skipper three days ago!! (Photo below): 


Female Fiery Skipper in my parents front yard!

The next day was another female Fiery Skipper... Based on the wear on the wings (this individual was in better shape) I could tell that it was a new individual... The funny thing was, it was being constantly harassed by a male Peck's Skipper, who never left her side... Pic below: 

Female Fiery being harassed by her Peck's Skipper follower...

I spent a prolonged afternoon/evening cleaning my car, and as dusk arrived, I was suprised to see a large Darner arrive and start patrolling the driveway... I actually had my net nearby (was in the car, prior to cleaning), so I grabbed it and got lucky by snagging this Shadow Darner (pic below): 

Male Shadow Darner from my parents paved driveway.. Their yard isn't all that big, considering the goodies its turning up! 

My parents soon returned from the RBG property nearby where they went for the evenings entertainment (music),,, and told me that they had ~9 Common Nighthawks take off in the evening and migrate past... This was the FOY for the area, and its pretty sweet ! Although since they've moved here, you can pretty much see CONI every evening from Mid August to Mid-late September.... 

As it started to get dark, we picked up a new "yard bird" in the form of a calling Solitary Sandpiper as it flew overhead - calling - gaining height to begin its night migration.. Probably came up from the Hendrie Valley  - and a good "addition" to their yard list - given the suburban setting... 

Kind of makes me wish I had a gawd darn monkey flying place of my own to live!!! Hopefully soon............. 


On a semi-related note, my Dad and I swung by the Urquhart butterfly garden in Dundas on the 15th... Hoping to get a glimpse of a Sachem (as they'd been reported here recently) --- but turned up empty... I guess I'm actually going to have to get to SW Ontario (as I had planned all summer, and haven't done) to see some of these new rarities that are turning up..... 

What we did see at the garden was this Crossline Skipper (pic) --- seemed kind of late for August 15th to me, but what do I know? 


  1. Yard finds are always exciting. Fiery Skipper, Gray Hairstreak, Checkered Skipper, Sage Thrasher....
    Probably not unusual for Crossline. I've had Tawny-edged and Peck's in late September around here!

  2. I saw that Sage Thrasher. Was that your yard?

  3. It was in several yards...for a month!