Saturday, August 11, 2012


After a comment was brought up on the blog about a potential OBRC-related discussion topic (captive vs wild origins)...... I figured, hey, why not just throw out a general request??

So, is there anything OBRC related (story, opinion, comment, question) that you would like to see discussed? As stated earlier, these are just my opinions, but they're also laying the groundwork for topics I would like to see discussed at the upcoming OBRC policy meeting this fall.... So anything you leave will be very valuable!



I'll have a post about the origins of rarities up soon... Another topic that came up earlier was about changing our "review areas" from North/South --- to something different........ A big problem (in my opinion, and a few others on the blog) was that the "north" wasn't a great representation of our birding communities right now.... And that maybe we could somehow split James/Hudson Bay from Lake Superior......

Earlier today (when I wrote this post, that is), I had an idea to check out the Ontario ecozone map.......

We could switch it around a little bit, but those look like 3 pretty sweet "review areas" to me! 

Again, this was just a random thought of mine... Make sure to leave any OBRC-related comments below! ;)



  1. "I am reasonably sure that I saw a Blackpoll warbler in amongst several Yellow Warblers, Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers, as well as a few chickadees in the same tree. I have never seen one before but consulted my field guide shortly after, noted it's streaked breast with yellow tinge, slightly streaked back, darker brown head and saw a flash of white on the undertail coverts. They were in the row of trees to the east of the path, just before the first pond.

    While standing in the tall grass in between the two ponds, I watched about a dozen Kingbirds doing what they do best, and a Willow Flycatcher started hunting for insects right in front of me."

  2. How about you split Northern Ontario into NorthWest and Northeast.

  3. If only BC had a records commitee, but one no longer exits. There have been attempts, but certain individuals are still unforgiving over the Gibsons Xantus Hummingbird in '98.
    Whay not northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest?

    Wesley Greentree
    Campbell River, BC
    young birder

  4. What's your point Fred, questioning the Blackpoll sighting?

    Birds of Hamilton: record early Blackpoll is Aug 7, there's another record for Aug 9, and several for Aug 13. Considering the type of year this has been (i.e., weird), why not one for Aug. 11th?

  5. I'm not sure that ecozones would make good division points. While true most birds found outside their normal ecozones would be considered rare or unusual finds. The really rare birds, the ones the OBRC is set up to review, for lots the entire province is outside their normal ecozones.

    There does need to be more divisions made for a area as large as Ontario a north and south really simplifies it too much. To me a east west split is just as if not more important as the north south split as the east and western extremes of the province are represented by two different migration flyways.

    I also agree there should be a division between things like costal lowlands, great lake region. east and west boreal forest. Would there be that much extra work needed if the province was divided into say 5 or 6 regions instead of 2 or 3?

    For example for hunters the province is divided into 112 zones. For fishing its 20 zones. To me 5 or 6 zones for birds is not overdoing it at all.

  6. The more I look at it This map would be a darn good start. I would combine the great lakes region with the mixedwood plains and divide the Ontario shield into a east west regions. That would be 4 areas divided by the diverse ecozones and by extreme distances from east to west and north to south.

  7. Whose names are on the records?

  8. I don't like posting people's names without their permission, but the record early Aug. 7th sighting (which is from 1966) is from a well-known bird bander in the Hamilton area. I don't recognize the two names of the Aug. 9th, 1964, record, and no names are given for the Aug. 13th records, it's just noted that Blackpoll Warblers have been recorded "several times" on this date.

  9. So you accept all those records with only one known person
    in the group?

    1. Why not? I wouldn't pretend to suggest that I know all the birders both past and present and for that I shouldn't accept their sightings?

      Since you don't know me I can only guess you don't accept my sightings as valid.
      I'm hurt! Well... not really. One day I may get to be one of the great "accepted" birders

    2. Well, I don't know Neil Armstrong either, but I accept that he walked on the moon.