Friday, August 31, 2012

Raven in Hagersville??

Just north of Hagersville, this Common Raven! I tried to use the photos to eliminate Chihuahuan Raven, and I couldn't...... So yeah... It's a Common Raven, but I was disappointed in that aspect... 

According to ebird, this bird (or more) have been in this area for several months!


  1. 1 was just reported from Townsend

  2. I think Ross Wood was the first to report it last winter while he was filling up at the Pioneer gas station in Hagesrville. It has been ranging from Caledonia to Townsend.

  3. I have seen or heard 40 between Luther Lake and Hamilton
    with 2 nest sites on silos near Guelph since last November.
    The expansion is real to me, as is the Fish Crow hopscotching northward.

  4. I reported on in March on ebird from Aylmer Wildlife Area and had it flagged...apparently it was considered an they were here 30 years ago. Now they've nested in my barn (I'm just east of Kingston)