Saturday, September 1, 2012

PeregrinePrints highly irregular quiz returns

Every once in a while, I get some photos that I think I could turn into a fun quiz! And why not? It's easy/cheap blog material.....

Identify all the birds in each photo... Its as easy as that!!! Feel free to leave a comment with your answers, or just quiz yourself.. No cheating ;)

And in order to win teh quiz, all you have to do is tell me what the heck kind of mutant mosquito this thing is from Pelee Island back in early July (the one that bit me):

(yes, that's a mosquito the size of a quarter) ... species? 


  1. 1:Tree Swallow
    2: Black Phoebe?
    3: maybe a Bonaparte's Gull?

    Wesley Greentree
    Campbell River, British COlumbia

  2. 1) Two male Tree Swallows, other two are I think a Bank Swallow and a N Roughwinged
    2) Eastern Phoebe
    3) Bonaparte's and Little Gull
    4) Tarantula

  3. 1) TRES (M), TRES (prob ASY-F?), BANS - ad., BANS - juv.
    2) EAWP
    3) BOGU and LIGU (both juv.)