Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weather Network Photos STRIKE AGAIN!

Got to post these beauties:

If you took this in mexico, don't upload it to Ontario! (Gave me a heart attack):

Hey! Weren't you listening?

Well at least we knew about this one:

But we didn't know about this one:

And we really didn't know about this one.....................


Freakin weather network photos... I tell ya!

Here's some other non rarities:

My favourite bird!:

Pretty cool:

Leucistic House Sparrow I presume:

Chip! Chip! Where's Chip?

Photoshop gone wrong??



American or....... ?


Zodiac yesterday was surprisingly poor, possibly due to the dreaded SE wind situation... Only 1 Parasitic Jaeger (adult) to show for our efforts...

Maybe next time?


  1. I was in Grand Valley the same day as that hummer and several days since.