Saturday, September 22, 2012

50 days of rare - it's almost time

After not really playing the rarity-finding game for several months, I started to get the urge back... So what's the plan?

Well 50 days of rare! Of course...

Nothing like a little extra added flare to keep ones self motivated, I figured I would create a bit of a "doo" for the blog... 50 days of intensive rarity searching, in the peak fall period of Sep 25 to Nov 14th! Where I'll hopefully get out most days, and post the results of my searching (plus post some predictions and theory about upcoming days)

So what's the goal?

The goal is "mega rare"... And I don't mean Pacific Loon rare... I don't mean Gannet rare... We're talking "less than 10 records" rare... 

I've spent the past week "up north" working on Lake Superior... Returning home late on the 23rd, I figure I will use the 24th to get prepared. Then it all begins!

And hopefully its all worth it! I'm actually painfully waiting for a chance to buy a condo as well, so I figured this will help pass the time ;) 

What do you think? Good idea? Can one simply find "mega rare" just by "trying harder"? Or is it all about luck with birds like this!? Of course I fully hope and expect to find just plan "rare" from time to time over the course of this little adventure. Not only birds, but hopefully some rare insects as well... Only one thing to do, check out the blog for updates!

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  1. Just make sure that whatever mega you find, its one I still need for the year!! And its chase-able. :)