Monday, September 24, 2012

Intoxicated Spotted Redshank Report

Redshank sure looks good considering the weather and location. Redshanks enjoy ugly shorebird habitat with garbage from what I can tell... Great storm just passed... Sharp-tailed Sandpiper in NY fairly close... it's close enough that I can wait for a positive report before trying to break land speed records....


50 days of Rare competition comments:

Alan: Start a blog, and using ebird, and you're in ;)

Adam: I may try to poach on your area if I get the chance ;) Glad you're in!

Nick: Join in! A great bird in CT could easily steal the show... The only real goal here is to have fun and find mega, right?!

David: you're in! It only takes one bird...

Tim: oh goodness, the Lake Michigan rarity hunting machine is now in on the challenge..... Fair warning to everyone else.......

Alvan: join in as well! Laurel Creek sleeper pick?!


Just for the hell of it, I might as well plan to go to Cape Henrietta Maria on Sept 30th.... Recent history suggests that if I make serious birding plans, something cosmic will be reported and will totally screw up my plans anyways! So yeah


  1. Poach away! I'd much prefer you find a rarity in Norfolk so I don't have to go far to chase it.

    I'll try and return the favour :)

  2. I'd love to, but I won't crash the party. Great fun idea though. Might do a copy-cat version down here sometime. Perhaps shifting it later in the season though, as rarity season here is generally Oct to early Dec.

    Good luck!

  3. Can I be in on this? Brumfield, over and out.

    1. you betcha! The whole idea of the NorthNW blog is sort of what I wanted to do here for 50-ish days.. Talk about weather, rarities and local reports - just to get myself (and maybe others) excited about getting out and looking.

      Good to as we now have serious players from around the great lakes with MI and OH.. (any NY? Jim ;) ?? )