Thursday, September 13, 2012

OFO convention this weekend!

Presqu'ile Park! (of Thick-billed Kingbird fame) will be having the OFO convention this weekend.... Are you going?

I am! Ken tucky and I are going to be manning a table at the convention (pre-dinner) for the OBRC! So come on down and tell us exactly how you feel about the OBRC, and ways to make it better! We'll also have a few cool props like ways to doccument rarities, some skins, photos etc!

I hear Happy is also going to be manning an ebird table! This is going to be an OFO convention like never before! I hope to see a lot of fellow birders down there :)


Not much else news to report... A&W sent me a cool newspaper link about the Kelp Gull ...

I mean sure, it sounds like this was written for an english class assignment in GRADE TWO over at Leamington elementary, but its still pretty good... And I must say, REOW!! To that good looking fellow on the far right of the photo in the sunglasses (oh wait, that's me!)

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  1. I think the article was nicely written.