Sunday, September 30, 2012

50 days of rare: last technical stuff before straight up birding?

From the Zodiac on the 28th - only Jaeger of the day 

Ok, so instead of getting people mad at me, I dragged some of the original members of this "contest" into a "board of directors", so you can blame them as well.... Some things:

--- You've got to blog, to be a part of the contest... Jacob had a great post yesterday on the subject as well - it isn't "fun" for everyone to follow along (and be a part of it) - if no one knows any sort of story behind your birding!  

Making a blog is pretty easy, and I've also created a blog specifically for the next 50 days:

Anyone who wants to play along, but refuses to make their own blog, can use this one (it will be deleted after Nov 20th-ish)... Email me: about how YOU can post to the above blog, from your own email address, and take part.. Then others can read what you're up to!

--- For sure we're sticking with 50 days.. Don't want it too long ;)

--- No subspecies, so Josh's Harlan's Hawk doesn't count! Why? We don't want Josh to be ahead already, and besides, he's going a big year, and needs the pressure to find something "real" anyways ;)

--- Great Lakes region only for the "official" contest... Anyone can do a "50 days of rare" --- and maybe some areas will start their own "winner/prize thing" --- (CT/NE?), but in terms of judging "rarity" - we'll keep it to States and Provinces that have some Great Lakes real estate available.. 


OK! Now this is going to be the last time I write details about this thing.. I've spent more time answering emails and writing blog posts over the last two days - than I have birding!


  1. So yeah, if you don't have a personal blog (would be easiest if you made one) - but if you refuse for some reason, and still want to play --- email me about how to post to the one I created!


  2. Oh, and if you DO create a new blog - email it to me as well, so I can add it to the list!


  3. Stop spending so much time on the computer, and get outside and find some birds!

    1. This guy.. This guy.. He knows... He knows how to find the rare.... Starting tomorrow - WAY less computer time!