Monday, October 1, 2012

This is an auto-post, for all intensive purposes, I'm birding right now!

Current birding plan:

Monday (today) - work (like most days), and check some sewage lagoons! Maybe watch the skies at dusk near home, just for fun.

Tuesday - VWB maybe? Light east winds don't inspire tooo much in October... Although there have been some good E winds in the St. Lawrence recently.. Kittiwake time? Better?

Wednesday: see above? I dunno... Shorebirds grounded by the rain? Uninspiring weather..

Thursday - hawks if the N wind is anything useful? (Swainson's?)

Friday - south winds = lake erie gulls/terns etc?


Went through the GFS (Global Forecast System) for the next while (long range = unreliable, but worth watching)...  Here's the wind forecast for southern James Bay on the corresponding dates:

Oct 4th: NNW 30kmh late in the day

Oct 5th: NNE 20kmh early turning to ENE 40kmh late

Oct 6th: S 20kmh

Oct 7th: NW 75kmh

Oct 8th: S 30kmh

Oct 9th: SE 30kmh

Oct 10th: NNW 75kmh

Oct 11th - WSW 30kmh

Oct 12th: N 30kmh

Who wants to go to Netitishi? I'm going to keep a very close eye on this ....


50 days of rare judging... God I said I wasn't going to talk about this! We'll follow the Hamilton "Bird of the year" award for judging

10 points - for overall rarity in the broad sense

5 points - for local rarity

5 points - for the # of people who get to see it...

Puts a bit of a handicap on really inaccessible spots, and besides, it's always more fun to share your rarities, right?


1 month temperature outlook:

Below normal?! What is that good for?! Probably not southern vagrants???

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