Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top 10 birds I would really like to see involving this storm...

Birds get points for two things - rarity, and my feelings on their likeliness to occur ,, to create a top 10!

PS - this is just for fun....

10. Laughing Gull --- see one of these, and it will only get you stupidly excited about what else could be out there (indicator)

9. Barnacle Goose - still sticking with my "odd" prediction of this species in Ontario...

8. Northern Gannet --- coming down the St. Lawrence please!

7. Northern Fulmar - could come from 3 directions (hopefully at least one)

6. Sooty Tern --- one of the "classic" Hurricane birds, hopefully we can get lucky and get a few!

5. Black-capped Petrel  ---- THEE classic hurricane bird? A much weaker storm in 1893 brought them to Lake Ontario.....

4. Royal Tern --- Hitting places that still have Royal Terns on the east coast... Maybe a hard one to displace, but I still want it!

3. Magnificent Frigatebird --- Sandy was strongest in a frigatebird-rich area...

2. Dovekie --- well known to not handle "big winds" nearly as well as other alcids

1. Leach's Storm Petrel  ---- same as the Dovekie, but I need this one for my Ontario list, so I gave it the bump to #1


Ok here's a top 10 that I really REALLY want

10. Black Skimmer

9. Atlantic Puffin

8. Pink-footed Goose

7. Cory's Shearwater

6. Black-browned Albatross

5. White-faced Storm-Petrel

4. Skua species

3. Brown-chested Martin

2. Non "Black-capped" Pterodroma



  1. That was an awesome 3 hours. Any photos of the Storm-Petrels?


    1. I do have some! Working on them...... I actually wrote this last night, so I'm pretty happy with my prediction ;)