Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy info

Excellent visible detail look at Sandy:

Western Lake Ontario Marine forecast --- still a chance for 100kmh NE winds early tuesday:

Rainbow Loop:  looking more like a  hurricane this morning, pressures continue to fall (951 at time of writing!!)

Current wind field is extremely large, and will get bigger... Already twice the size of Irene last year:

Hurricane Centre:

Weather underground tropical:


The models are still flip flopping a bit about how GOOD the path of the storm will be for us in Ontario, it's not nearly as good as it could be (forecast for right now)... But I still think we can make due and find some excellent birds based on the patterns I'm seeing...

Still have to watch and wait!!! 

Time to start birding methinks,... Will get out a bit today... .


  1. Your like a 5 year old awaiting Santa's arrival!

    Keep up the great work! and may St Nick give you a tubenose