Sunday, October 14, 2012

Townsend's Solitaire record pics +epic weather this week

Going to post this early, as I'm getting more and more excited about this weather forecast... This is serious rarity weather... Not the best I've ever seen or anything, but SERIOUS rarity weather....


Threw together some record photos of the TOSO in Hamilton on Oct 11, 2012 -

Uploaded  them to my flickr page, that I just updated a few days ago:

Pretty sweet bird! Watched it fly away over the QEW after about 20-30 minutes of having it around....


Weather maps from Sunday the 14th:

Get ready to twitch! ......... As always, a storm can look "perfect" - but not really bring any birds... But with that said, a huge number of our mega rarities also occur after such "perfect" looking storms.... This one is looking pretty damn sweet.... Huge southerly flow, with a "wrap around" cold front at the bottom... Here's the radar:

Makes me feel like I should get out birding! And I probably will! (hopefully the day this auto-posts - monday) ...... 


get out and bird! 


Late day update: MOTHER of god, look at that next low that's headed for the Great Lakes... 

Thursday.... Time to get out and bird, people! 

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  1. Of course this happens the one week I absolutely can't get out birding...and no rarities found at LP yesterday despite an intensive search!!!

    Time for that one-day mega to show up!