Wednesday, October 10, 2012

50dor: Day 15

Boy I'm tired... I wish I could get paid to not work...

Some spots visited today (yesterday):

Port Dover - squat

Port Burwell - the walk to the beach was surprising with a female Pintail in the canal, then at least 35 Blackpoll Warblers feeding on some sort of berry (they out numbered the Myrtles)

--- the beach was largely void of gulls, but picked up 4 Cackling Geese for my efforts

--- Walked through a lot of the sand dunes looking for Burrowing Owl.. Didn't find any... Flushed 2 sparrows that looked exciting (at different times), but couldn't get a decent look at them... Made me angry

--- Walked the woods a bit as well.. very birdy (everywhere in ON has been birdy for a few weeks now eh?) No megas... 2 BT Green, 4 Nashville, Tennessee, 3+ Orange-crowned's were the best warbs  

Port Bruce - nada

Port Stanley:

I loves me some gulls.... At least 4 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and 1 adult Great Black-backed X Herring Gull hybrid.... 

Highlight was a bird I couldn't ID --- very very dark mantled gull (adult) sitting on the water beyond the east breakwall... Very dark, and not a Great Black-backed Gull... Wouldn't come closer (into the harb) for a better look! (Grr ... stayed until sundown)... 

Going to go back tomorrow (today) to see if I can re find it and get better looks! 

One of the LBBG - a great looking juv... Other than the fact it was sick... Flies all the way from Europe (apparently) just to eventually croak at Port Stanley eh? 


  1. The red berries you mention are probably Autumn Olive - Elaeagnus umbellata. They are a nasty invasive species that take over all sorts of open habitats and field edges, which is why you see them thriving at Burwell.

    1. Thanks Adam, I assumed it may be something invasive given the way it was growing (and the abnormal amount of berries)...