Friday, October 26, 2012

Cave Swallow morning went well

Reporting (generally) for Kevin McLaughlin, Karl Dix, "Barb Wire" Charlton and Brett Fried:

145 birds!!! And don't get me wrong, most were "swallow sp" - but for all intensive purposes, they were also all CASW.......

Best waterbird was a few "Comic Terns" spotted by Brett

Also had a LOT of Common Loons, 15-ish RTLO (guess) , lots of ducks, 1 Dunlin, a male Northern Harrier out over the lake (coming ashore)...

Yeah! Pretty good day....... I took some terrible photos that I haven't edited yet, maybe later today?? Or not??



  1. Heading for the Tip to ride out Sandy. :-)

    1. Nice to know it will be covered! Even these north winds prior to the storm could be entertaining...