Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 28

Van Wagner's Beach - couldn't get out early like I had planned... When I wrote the post, I sort of forgot that I have this funny thing called "life" to attend to as well as bird...

Managed 3 hours this afternoon (12-3).....

2-3 Parasitic Jaegers
1 Pomarine Jaeger  (close with a sub adult PAJA)
8-ish Bonaparte's Gulls
2 Red-throated Loons
all 3 Scoters (lots)
3+ Lesser Black-backed Gulls

+ 1 Snow Bunting (hanging around), and A LOT of freaking sparrows.. It was a Sparrow (Junco) fall out including my first 10-15 American Tree Sparrows for the fall...  Maybe when the weather clears, I'll spend some time down there looking for the mega passerine


Cave Swallow season starts early? A bunch reported in NY the other day on Lake Ontario... If they're "already here" - the mediocre S winds on Thursday and Friday could bring some into Ontario... I'll probably try Fifty Point.......


Wednesday morning - if I can, I'll get out early and try for more VWB birds on the E winds... Not as strong as today, but hopefully the weather is a bit nicer for the observers (got soaked today, left early.. I don't enjoy being wet and birding)


Mega storm in our future?

A few days ago I joked about a "super massive insane-o-storm" in the long range forecasts, but wouldn't you know it, multiple models are now tossing around the idea of an epic beast of a system coming our way in late Oct or early November...

It wouldn't be 100% tropical in nature, but would be the spawn of Tropical Storm Sandy currently south of Jamaica.. Just like Hurricane Hazel wasn't 100% tropical when it "bombed out" over Ontario...  (arctic cold front hitting a tropical system = lots of energy)

Some future cast maps

If it came to pass, it would be one of the most powerful storms ever to hit our area in the fall... Although not everyone agrees on it, so it'll be fun to watch over the next 2-4 days to see how things change (and what actually happens)