Tuesday, October 2, 2012

50 days of rare: day 7

Apparently I'm a sucker for punishment... After work, I decided to go and bird the area around the buildings where I want to buy a Condo...

I birded: West of Millen Road to Green Road, breifly around Edgelake Park, then the extreme end of Confederation park...

In short, I birded exactly where I want my "Home Patch" to be in the future... If I ever actually get a condo... And wouldn't you know it, I had some pretty sweet birds (but nothing rare) Highlights:

Best bird was the above Northern Saw Whet Owl at Confederation Park...  Also:

1 adult Peregrine Falcon
1 Osprey
3 Black-crowned Night Herons
2 Greater Yellowlegs
1 Nashville Warb (lots of warbs have moved out I guess)
Linc's Sparrows

+ awesome numbers of expected migrants... Confederation Park has awesome habitat.. Kept seeing Eastern Phoebes and had one of these in mind, but it never happened:

-- Not totally motivated for crazy birding, but it looks like low pressure is moving in.... This is the spawn of a tropical disturbance in the Pacific Ocean from a few days ago, so even though its not terribly strong, it should produce some more good birds! 

We'll see if I can get out anywhere today or tomorrow, and maybe the weekend will hold some more serious rarity hunting


Calling for pretty good north winds Friday and Saturday on James Bay - but I think its too close to call for an impromptu trip up there... Will continue keeping an eye on it though... Figures that the year I decide to go "for" a storm, there haven't really been any standouts... 

To be honest, the weather has been pretty boring everywhere for months now... I need exciting weather!


Just for fun,  a look at the forecast for Tropical Storm Nadine from a few days ago... This storm has been wandering around the open Atlantic for 20+ days already, and has been kind of funny..

The GFS even got into the fun, when their OFFICIAL forecast track for the system drew a giant question mark............ 

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  1. I always feel like that barren weedy patch at the extreme east end of Confederation Park just off Grays Rd is just itching for a mega Flycatcher of Sparrow.