Saturday, October 27, 2012

anal glaucoma

The time is nigh.....

10 reasons you can't come into work for the next two weeks....

1. Anal Glaucoma - my personal favourite.. Can't see your butt going into work next week...

2 . Tropicbird Flu - 2 weeks worthy, uses the established fear of bird flu

3.  Having car issues... Issue was - you got in your car, and went birding instead

4. Skua Syndrome - probably sounds scarier to birders..

5. Dr. Master's has detailed conditions that, for your personal sanity, require paid time off

6. Typhoid fever - just sounds bad

7.  multiple stercorarius

8. Say that Frankenstorm is proof that Myans were right and the world will end in 2012 and you want to spend more time (10 days) with your family...

9. Your ptwitchitary gland is acting up

10. You'd rather get fired than work next week....


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    1. Hey Mark,

      I think I understand where you're coming from! Although I think I'm going extend an answer into a blog post later today about what I think "could" happen with the storm!


    2. Was already working on the blog post at the time, but tried to detail some of my thoughts about how and why we could get some exciting vagrants in Ontario (although I'm also very easily excitable when it comes to weather, which I'm sure most can tell)...

      I also very much agree than NS and elsewhere could get some very very exciting birds, although maybe more in the form of passerines and other migrants blown out over the ocean in the Carolians/Florida etc, then coming ashore when they first get land in NS?? This is a very exciting process, although something I don't think applies to Ontario very much