Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Frankenstorm birds from Oct 31, 2012

Today was apparently the "lull" day?

Birded at various times with Dave Don, Barb Charlton, Ken-tucky, Peter Burke, Ross Wood, Kevin McLaughlin and a few others!


Van Wagner's Beach pre-dawn - 1 White-rumped Sandpiper on the beach

50 Rd in Grimsby (Lake Ontario) :

2 Pomarine Jaegers -- with 1 being a winter-adult type.. This is a DISPLACED hurricane bird (in my opinion)

1 Jaeger sp

2 Red Phalaropes (that only Ken-tucky saw)

2 probable White-rumps (distant)

some Snow Buntings...

LOTS of scoters and loons

1 Glaucous Gull

12-ish Brant

some Bonaparte's Gulls...

highlight was a Forster's Tern - a very good bird for Hamilton at this time of year, and for sure a "Hurricane related" occurrence.. Some record pics:

Only waterbird I photographed today, might as well put a few up.... 

We also watched a Sharp-shinned Hawk catch a Golden-crowned Kinglet at close range and right in the open (VERY close range for something like this).. It was AWESOME


Then went for Fort Erie and the river for a few hours... 

Waverly Beach:

Peregrine Falcon - 1 juv

Little Gull - 1 ad

Forster's Tern - 1 (distant when I saw it) 

2 Greater Yellowlegs

All 3 Scoters + LTDUs

Both Loons

LOTS of Bufflehead and some other ducks...

Above Niagara Falls

25-30 N Rough-winged Swallows

1 Orange-rumped Swallow that has a 99.6% chance of being a Cave Swallow

3 Lesser Black-backed Gulls

Gorge - 2 Common Loons ...

Adam Beck  - nothing


2 Brant


Another very fun day, even without any CMF's ... You know it's fun birding when you constantly jump every time a bird looks slightly different... 

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