Monday, October 29, 2012

Dandy Sandy Plan for Tomorrow

The plan!!!!

Lake Ontario eastwards.... Ottawa area and the St. Lawrence river!

East winds in the forecast........

As of writing (7pm) we DO NOT have any direct connection to Hurricane Sandy and Ontario...

What we DO have is N and NE winds from James Bay and the St. Lawrence River...

What I'm thinking....

James Bay goodies ---- Fulmar?? Gyrfalcon??? Red Phals?

East Coast Goodies - Kittiwakes? Great Cormorant? Dovekies? Gannet? Razorbill? Manx Shearwater? Leach's Storm Petrel???

Obscure - Pink-footed & Barnacle Goose  -- Northern Lapwing...

Places to look:

Niagara River Gorge (if you're close)

Niagara on the Lake

Port Wellar

Jordan Harbour

Fifty Point C.A.

Van Wagner's

Hamilton harb

Bronte Harb

Port Credit

--- all those weird places around toronto on the lake that I never go...

Cobourg Harbor


PEC (Point Petre, PEPtBO)

Then pretty much anywhere on the water east and north of there...

Pretty much - go out and check your local spot if you only have a few hours..... If not, bird till you drop....


Remember the phases from an earlier post?

Phase 1 - James Bay birds dropped

Phase 2 - direct winds from James Bay and then the St. Lawrence Seaway

Phase 3 - direct winds from the east coast (MA, NY etc) hitting Ontario  (connection to Sandy)

Phase 4 - leftovers of Sandy pass over Ontario (hopefully)


We just started phase 2 this afternoon..... Waiting for phase 3 --- hopefully tomorrow

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  1. It would appear that there are multiple Common Eiders on Lake Erie in Ohio.... Not sure exactly how that happened, but I'd like some in Ontario too!!!