Saturday, October 20, 2012

50dor: day 25

Day 25 has come and gone..... Here's what I did (in case you're wondering, I work most of these days, which is why I have odd locations and visits to these places - before and after work)

Binbrook Conservation Area - nothing... Water levels higher than I thought...

Haldibrook Rd - jump to the chase - Cattle Egret 500m away from where I grew up! Rarer than anything I personally found nearby that house when I lived there for 10-ish years... (Although my Neighbours once found a CAEG, and my dad found a Hud-wit in the backyard!)

a pic:

I have a habit of finding the same rarities over and over.. My 5th "self found" in 10 years, and 10th individual seen  (without intentionally twitching) ... Now it's time for a mega!

Grand River at York - 1 Tree and 1 Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Grand River - River Rd... 1 Lesser, 1 Greater Yellowlegs, 3 Killdeer, 1 Wilson's Snipe and 1 Great Egret to complete the "2 egret sp day" 

Grand River Mouth - nothing....

Lake Erie shore - did a very short bit... Had 50 Horned Grebes at one location.. Lots of Canada Geese...

Mosaic Ponds - not much... Waterfowl were around, but low numbers... Not much really..

I thought about doing Rock Point, but I decided to head towards home to get ready for the evenings festivities... Stopped at Van Wagner's when I noticed there was a NE wind blowing... But when I got close, the fog was thick as pea soup...

Went to the Burlington Canal in hopes of getting out in the fog to see if any Phalaropes etc had come close to the walls with limited visibility... The answer? No good birds!

25 days left for someone to find a mega... Josh Vand gets 5+ straight days of NW winds when they arrive at Netitishi tomorrow (today) ... I've only managed 1.5 to 2 -ish days in my 23 days I've spent up there in Oct/Nov.................

Pea soup I tell ya!

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