Friday, October 19, 2012

You know that it would be untrue....

If I was to say to you..

So yeah... Gotta be something rare out there, right?


50dor: yesterday was the "maybe I can not go rarity hunting, but find a rarity by luck" trial (Mom's birthday hike!) Lots of fun, no rares..

Some pics:

Ma with WBNU!

Paying their respects


I spotted a huge wasp right in front of this fella... I said (out loud) - "There's a huge Wasp! Eat it!" - and 0.5 seconds later the squirrel gave a huge open palm "smack" to the wasp.. It squirmed for a second, then he picked it up and ate the whole thing! Who knew squirrels know English??

Dad using his magical powers to levitate a WBNU

Mom with WBNU! One of the stars of the "hand feeding" birds. 

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