Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy / Frankenstorm

I'm already starting to forget what I've posted and haven't posted already for the blog ....... As Tyler put earlier, I do feel like a kid waiting for Christmas...

An awesome long loop of Sandy:


Sandy is trying to block out the dry air bothering it, and is trying to form an eye........ This is muchos better for bringing rarities methinks  :)

click to see 


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one of the largest storms ever...... 


Models seem to be trending towards an eventual passage over the great lakes (Lake Ontario)

Although it will be weakening very rapidly by the time the centre gets close to us


Global Forecast System ------ 40 hours after landfall ----- the centre of Sandy's wind field directly over Lake Ontario ---- Wednesday at 9pm

I REALLY hope this happens.......... 


  1. I am also hoping for the above scenario, that would bring maximum rare birdage to eastern Lake Ontario I think. I am going to be trying to keep track of it all at

    1. Awesome Drew!!! Next post will highlight that for sure