Thursday, November 1, 2012

Storm Petrel Wallpaper

I actually fixed this up for a different reason last night, but thought I would share for any who would want it....

Could maybe make a fun wallpaper for the computer???


Don't forget to go to the hamilton bird study group meeting this Monday night to hear Ken-tucky talk about his reverse migration work on Pelee Island!  A can't miss talk!


Still out Hurricane birding today... Trying Lake Erie to see if Phase 4 is going to happen... Starting to look like we won't get Phase 4 at all, but you won't know until you look!

(phase 4 - "core" of the storm birds) - hopefully something like a Petrel, Sooty Tern or Royal Tern.. Would also be very happy with Skimmer or Oystercatcher

And hopefully Frigatebirds will start to be sighted around the Great Lakes in the coming days!

If no phase 4, there are still epic rarities around to be found! And I'll probably focus more on Lake Ontario if this is the case..


Edit --- at the time of writing (6am) this was posted to ebird as a Jaeger.....  But it's a SKUA!

I want a Skua now!!!

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