Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some late-season bread throwing from the zodaic

Launched the Zodiac yesterday afternoon for a few hours of bread tossing... I was hoping to maybe get some Pomarine Jaegers hanging around after Sandy - but I'm starting to think they've probably vamoosed on these persistent north winds ... Shame...

What I DID get, was some gulls

3 Juv Lesser Black-backed Gulls

1 Juv Kumlien's (or better yet, a Kumlien's/Thayer's genetic grab-bag)

6-7 Great Black-backed Gulls

1 Bonaparte's Gull

(all of these birds were Juv's except 1 GBBG)

1 ad Bald Eagle flying high when I got back to shore


Took a bunch of pictures in some sweet light.... Haven't edited them properly, but did a few "rapid edits" to get online as blog material ...

Above: photo quiz?! Name all species and ages

Kumlien's + Thayer's = 


They're calling for NE winds around 30-35kmh for today (Nov 7th), so I'm planning on doing some lakewatching... Not sure what could possibly happen that would compare with the insanity we had with Superstorm Sandy, but I kind of enjoy being at the lake regardless of what I actually see, so yeah!  That's the plan...


  1. Herring Gull, Ring-billed Gull, and Lesser Black-backed Gull. Adults and immmature RBGU and HERG. Only immature LBBG.

    1. Hey Wesley - thanks for "breaking the ice" on the quiz! You nailed mots of them, although Matt picked out the one extra bird... (Juv on the left side is a Great Black-backed Gull)


  2. I'm going to say the 1st cycle birds are left to right GBBG, LBBG, and HERG. The adult rats look to be all RBGU with the wingtip at 12 o-clock subadult with the dark primary coverts.
    Impressive that you got the young birds all in the same focal plane... what settings were you shooting?

    1. Nailed it Matt...

      Using the Canon 300 2.8 lens w/ The 1D Mark 4

      ISO 1250
      F 5.0

      Image is full frame

      --- The GBBG is actually pretty out of focus on the original, but easily sharpened up a bit when reduced to this small size...


  3. I take it no megas on the east winds today?

    Josh V