Friday, November 9, 2012

Dead birds of Van Wagner's

My Mom and I took advantage of the sunny day to walk VWB and look for storm birds to collect... Dead bird tally (of sorta fresh stuff to fresh):

4 Long-tailed Ducks

1 DC Corm

2 Northern Cardinals (????)

1 Northern Saw-whet Owl (wing)  .. We also found a single flight feather several KM's away from this wing..


This is NOT a regular bird in Hamilton, and finding a dead one at VWB is really really odd... I actually just assumed it was a SEOW until common sense took over when I got home and looked at my pics....

Barred Owl above: it was actually mostly buried in the sand... I dug it up and washed it off (with a stick) then took this pic... 

Below: Cardinal and Saw Whet exactly as they appeared when we found them - 

Also 3 Chinook Salmon, 1 Sucker and 1 Virginia Opossum....

Not a single dead gull???

Not much in the way of living bird highlights... A few Common Redpolls and an adult Turkey Vulture.. A Mute Swan swam past Hutches and we saw one of the Lift Bridge Peregrines...


!!!!!!!! I almost forgot, we also had 1 Orange Sulphur and 1 Lady sp on the hike !!


  1. Yummy botulism E victims and friends on the beach, looks likes the rest of the lakeshore unfortunately. Was the TV stolling on the beach?

    1. It flew fairly high, but along the beach... Probably looking for snacks...

      Also saw a lot of small-critter feet print (cats, fox, possum, mink) etc - so I was hoping they didn't carry away too many mega's